Rethinking My Social Media Usage

If everyone used Facebook the way I did, it would cease to exist in its current form. That’s because its survival depends on its users inviting others to be subjected to their constant onslaught of freshly shared content. I, on the other hand, do not send out “friend requests”. The idea of encumbering someone with the obligation of having to view and manage a stream of whatever I decide to post is just something I don’t feel comfortable with. My Facebook friends are all people who invited me, and I use the service predominantly to interact with whatever they share. On the rare occasion that I actually do publish something on Facebook, I do it with my existing “friends” in mind and what they might find informative, interesting or funny.

The reason Twitter hasn’t really grabbed me is because its purported usefulness lies in following the tweets of people or companies one finds interesting. The problem for me, though, is that there is simply nobody I’m so desperately wanting to be kept informed about that I’d go as far as subscribing to their feed of relentless updates.

As for speaking into the ether, I have this blog for that. My always thought: “Why would I provide free content to a service like Twitter?” I did eventually give it a bash sometime last year and had less than rewarding results, but I attribute that largely to my lack of experience with the platform.

However, I’m now rethinking social media and how I use it. Social media is, well, social. Facebook is good for sharing things that may be of interest to my “friends” or for when I’m in need of more immediate interaction and/or validation. The type of content I have on here, with the exception of maybe one or two posts, is distinctly different from what I’m likely to post on Facebook. Likewise, I can’t imagine (m)any of my Facebook friends really being interested in anything I have to say in this blog.

The two need not be mutually exclusive, though. I’m thinking of possibly using Facebook for publicly sharing things that are not quite worthy of a full-length blog article and/or diversifying the content of this site by making more of my Facebook posts public and include them here.

In terms of Twitter, I’m willing to give it another go. I think it may be a useful tool for expressing the sometimes random sparks of thought I have but for which I do not currently have a suitable outlet. As with Facebook, I could incorporate them in this site because the way I see it is that people who read these blog entries are more likely to be interested in my Facebook and Twitter feeds than the other way around.

Well, this was me thinking out loud, and it is all I have for now.

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