Deister Studio

While I was back in South Africa, I decided it was a good idea to go for a wax again because I knew the weather would start getting hotter once I got back to Shanghai.

Last year, I wrote a number of blog posts on choosing a waxing professional, why I feel that a home-based waxing studio is a better option, as well as what to watch out for.

Deister Studio ticks almost all of the boxes for me in terms of doing things right, so this was my third visit.

What I like about this particular home-based waxing studio is that the treatment area is immediately to the right of the front door, in a purposefully-outfitted room separate from the rest of the house. Lighting is more than adequate, and there is a bathroom with shower just a short distance away from the waxing area.

I appreciate that appointments are scheduled a minimum of half an hour apart, so there is no risk of potential awkwardness bumping into other clients on the way in or out.

Professional, patient, attentive and thorough, I’ve always left feeling very satisfied and would definitely recommend Deister Studio’s male waxing service. Even if you live some distance outside the Bellville area, it’s probably still worth the trip.

Update: As from August, it appears that Deister Studio is no longer at the same location. I therefore cannot comment on the facilities at the new premises.

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